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The energy storage industry is one of the recognized strategic emerging industries in the 21st century, which plays an important role in many fields like the Smart Grid, the new energy automobile and the application of renewable energy, etc. China Energy Storage Engineering Conference has held a purpose of facilitating the communication of energy storage science and technology, promoting fundamental research and application, and improving the innovation capacity of energy engineering, and cultivating talented young people for energy storage since it was first held in 2015. Under the substantial support of the academic and industrial circles, as well as government, the conference has become an authoritative academic communication platform in the field of energy storage materials and equipment. On the basis of the successful holding of the fourth consecutive Congress, the Energy Storage Engineering Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society is scheduled to hold the Fifth National Energy Storage Engineering Conference in Zhengzhou from July 19 to 21, 2019. With the theme of “Progress in Energy Storage Technology and colorful Green Life”, the conference will showcase the latest research and development progress in the fields of energy storage engineering, power batteries and other key materials, as well as the achievements of the industry. At the same time, the problems of science and technology in the field of energy storage engineering will be discussed, the cooperation of industry-university-research and the transformation of technological achievements will be promoted too. At that time, domestic and foreign energy storage and battery industry leaders, academic leaders, technology and entrepreneurial elite, and investors will come to the meeting, together to discuss and promote the development of the energy storage industry. The conference will include the following venues: mechanical energy storage; electromagnetic energy storage; electrochemical energy storage; Battery energy density and safety performance; photovoltaic and energy storage micro-power grid, solar cell and device step-time utilization and resource recovery, youth scientist’s forum: China-Japan-Korea battery discussion; next-generation power battery development forum; industry-university-research energy storage forum, etc. The Organizing Committee wholeheartedly welcomes domestic and foreign experts, scholars and students, entrepreneurs and investors to participate in this event.
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Important time
    Date and place of the meeting
19-21 July 2019 (Friday to Sunday)
Location: Henan. Zhengzhou
    Deadline for soliciting contributions
    June 30, 2019
    Registration of the general assembly
    Cut-off date for online payment: June 30, 2019

    Live report date
    Date of scene report: July 19, 2019
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