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Prof. Watanabe graduated the master course of Yamanashi University in 1968 and received his PhD degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Tokyo in 1976. He has been a Professor of University of Yamanashi and managed the Clean Energy Research Center (CERC) and then the Director of Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center (FCNC), constructed by him, as the director for 14 years. He has contributed to the advancement of hydrogen economy for more than 50 years mostly through the basic research on fuel cell materials. His outstanding achievements include bimetallic alloy catalysts, e.g., Pt-Ru or Pt-Co etc., with enhanced catalytic activity for various type fuel cells, robust hydrocarbon electrolyte membranes, high performance hydrogen production and purification catalysts. All of his works are deemed most important and essential subjects for the commercialization of PEFCs, PAFC or SOFC, and the CO 2 electro-reduction, of which more than 350 have been published with his colleagues in highly reputed international journals. Their citation are beyond 18,000 times (h-index > 67) totally and about 1400 times in every recent years. He has been awarded many National & International prizes to these works. Until February 2015, he had promoted several national projects relating to fuel cell sciences and technologies as the leaders at the centers mentioned above, e.g., 7 years “HiPer-FC Project” funded ca. US$ 70M by NEDO. He is
still continuing the supports of industrial productions of a new metal-separator and H 2 pump system after his recent retirement.
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